" डर सबैलाई लाग्छ तर सफल त्यहि व्यक्ति हुन्छ जाे डरकाे बावजुद अगाडि बढ्दछ ।", "A Teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron". -Horace Mann

English Poem

Innocent Baby

:- Uttam Bahadur Tamang

Sometimes he makes crying.
Nobody know him why he is crying.
He has pain inside his body.
But we do not know that
We scold him being crazy
Why don't know him, he is innocent baby.

Sometimes he falls on the ground
When he is trying to walk.
He speaks ma....ma....Pa....Pa....cha....cha.....
When he is starting to talk.
But we teast him repeating his word
Knowingly we do that being crazy.
Why don't know him, he is innocent baby.

(From Old Diary)



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